The Wales DTP has a Director, a full-time Manager and full-time E-learning Officer and a half-time Secretary based at Cardiff University which is the lead institution in the DTP consortium.

Steering Group

A Steering Group oversees and monitors the strategic direction and development of the DTC, ensuring that it complements the research strategies of the partner institutions and is responsive to developments in research policy.

Management Group

The Management Group comprises two representatives from each of the partner institutions plus the DTP’s director and centre manager. This group is the main mechanism for the ongoing representation of the six institutions in all major operational matters.

Student Reps

Student reps to the Wales DTP for each of the partner institutions are a vital conduit for comments/ideas from fellow ESRC funded students across the academic schools and pathways. A lead student rep sits on the Wales DTP Management Group. There is more information on the student reps page.