The Digital Scholar: How technology is transforming scholarly practice

Professor Martin Weller examines the impact of digital technologies on academic practice.

Video recording of a talk at the ESRC First Year Student Conference in Cardiff, January 2015.

Watching this video and the associated media will take around 40 minutes.

The impact of digital, networked and open technologies has impacted upon every aspect of academic practice.  In this talk, Professor Martin Weller examines some of these impacts across different areas of scholarship and address the issues and opportunities raised by this tranformed practice. Digital scholarship should not be seen as a replacement to traditional practice, or in competition with it, but rather it offers an enlarged toolset for performing key academic functions.  Understanding the implications of these will be key to establishing a digital, academic identity, which will be increasingly significant for all academics.

There were a number of videos that were played in during Professor Weller’s talk; although we are unable to include them in this recording, you can pause and play them in yourself either via the following links, or by scrolling down to where they are embedded in the page below.

First 1’05”

From 0’59” to 2’04”

First 1’12”

From 0’35” to 1’45”

The slides for Professor Weller’s talk, along with an archive of social media discussion, can be found on the conference website.