Correia, Sara

Sara Correia
Start date:
October 2015
Research Topic:
Fraud and Cybercrime in Wales
Research pathway:
Research Supervisor:
Dr Stuart Macdonald
Supervising school:
Department of Criminology,
Primary funding source:
ESRC Studentship

In June 2014 there were 615 reports of fraud within the Southern Wales region, with an estimated total loss of £3.1m. This equates to over 7000 reports per year in this region alone, worth more than £37m. Yet there remains no detailed, evidence-based understanding of this problem within Wales.

During her first year Sara will complete a multidisciplinary training course consisting of taught modules provided by Swansea University’s ESRC-accredited Doctoral Training Centre for Wales; an internship within South Wales Police’s Cyber Crime Unit; and will receive expert training from Protect 2020, on the methods and techniques used by cyber criminals and gangs.

In the following research years, Sara will apply quantitative research techniques to analyse ActionFraud data, with a view to uncover patters in offending and victim types in South Wales. This research hopes to make a unique contribution to the academic literature in the area of cybercrime and fraud and produce insights that are of equal value to law enforcement and the cyber security industry.

Selected Recent Publications

Awan, I., & Correia, S. (2015). Engaging with the Muslim community in Cardiff: A Study of the impact of counter terrorism research. Fieldwork in Religion. (Upcoming)

Awan, I., & Correia, S. (2014). Terrorism Research: Understanding Muslim Communities. Criminal Justice Matters, 96(1), 24-25. doi:10.1080/09627251.2014.926069

Conference Presentations

Correia, S., & Salisu, R. (2015). Capturing student perspectives to address the BAME attainment gap in Higher Education – a case study of Swansea University. Paper presented at the Developing diversity competence, Edinburgh.

Awan, I., & Correia, S. (2013). Engaging with the Muslim community in Cardiff: A Qualitative (Pilot) Study of the Impact of Counter-Terrorism Legislation. Paper presented at the Ongoing and Emerging Debates in Terrorism Research, University of East London.