Mair, David R.

David R. Mair
Start date:
November 2012
Research Topic:
The Articulation and Presentation of the Threat of Cyber Terrorism
Research pathway:
Research Supervisor:
Dr. Stuart Macdonald (Primary supervisor), Dr. Lee Jarvis, Professor Thomas Chen (Secondary supervisors)
Supervising school:
Department of Criminology,
Primary funding source:
ESRC Studentship

In an age of austerity, with cutbacks being made across the public sector, the government has earmarked extra spending for the security services to improve the United Kingdom’s defences and capabilities against cyber-attacks and threats. Furthermore, the 2012 UK National Security Strategy places cyber-attacks in the top tier of priority risks that face the country in terms of likelihood and impact. With recent publications into the use of the internet by terrorist groups, there is speculation that cyber-terrorism may emerge as the next big threat to the safety and security of the United Kingdom. This project aims to identify the way in which the concept and phenomenon of cyber-terrorism has been constructed through multimedia platforms and presented to the general public for consumption as a viable threat. It aims to examine what is being said about cyber-terrorism by the media, government and by terrorist groups, explore how the general public understand the cyber-terrorism threat, and evaluate the threat that cyber-terrorism actually poses.