Williams, Katherine

Start date:
October 2017
Research Topic:
Assessing the role and motivations of women in far right groups in the UK and Germany
Research Supervisor:
Prof Hanna Diamond and Dr Claudia Hillebrand
Supervising school:
School of Law and Politics,
Primary funding source:
ESRC Studentship

The rise of the far-right comes at a time when political and social disenfranchisement is at an all-time high across Europe and beyond.

Whilst Brexit, and the election of Donald Trump, are not indicative of the rise of extremism per se, both signal a major turning point in global politics. Consequently, this leads us to question what it means to be a political subject in an ever-changing world, and how women are instrumental in shaping our political landscape.

Women have been, and still are, active in far-right and extremist groups in Europe, as the recent case of Beate Zschaepe has shown. Women’s participation in violence is not a new phenomenon, but whilst there is a proliferation of literature on terrorism and political violence more generally, little has been revealed about women in non-terrorist groups. My research aims to bridge a gap in the literature, and shine a light on a relatively unexplored topic.