Hello World

Yes, an unimaginative title for the first post on this blog, but I want to start with an introduction… and say what I intend to post here and why I’m starting it now.

First of all, I should introduce myself: I’m Simon Wood, the ‘Elearning Officer’ for the Wales Doctoral Training Centre about which you can read more on our website.

As usual when I write a blog post, it’s somewhat overdue. I meant to write this soon after I started this job in September 2012… But events overtook good intentions (for, er, almost two years). So one of the goals for the blog was to provide a log of the work I’m doing and the projects I’m involved in. That’s still an aim, and once I’ve got a few other posts out of the way, I intend to post a general update every month or so.

But another goal was to share some of the specific outputs and lessons from our work – because I believe that the challenges we faced as a Doctoral Training Centre in communicating with and supporting our students and partners ¬†are similar to those of other DTCs, so in many cases the solutions will be transferable. In particular, the plugins and modifications we’ve used to bend WordPress to our will may be useful to those also using WP… so on occasions I may outline some specific and possibly quite technical challenges. These are the kinds of posts have stored up in my head – not least because I have been asked to share some of this – and I’m overdue in getting it out there. So, once I’ve given a bit of an overview of my role in the next post, expect me to start delving into detail.

I also plan to use this place to pose some larger questions – perhaps with some answers, perhaps not – in the hope of getting some feedback or at least, through writing about them, clarifying the challenges and options we might be faced with.

So that’s the plan. Now I’d better get on with it.

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