Involving Remote Students in Face to Face Workshops

Here’s a presentation I’m giving tomorrow to a group of fellow learning technologists. I will very briefly explain how we used video conferencing so invited speakers could address and interact with audiences both in the room and at remote venues.

PowerPoint version

There’s some explanation of the slides in the speaker notes, and if I manage to record the presentation I will update this post with the audio.

Update 9 Oct:

As well as my recording of the audio, the event was recorded using Panopto which is being introduced at Cardiff as part of our LearnPlus project:

Because this was a trial, and it turned out the audio is over compressed – and also because I like to try different ways of doing things – here is a version produced with my own audio recording. Although the sound is better, there’s no video of me (could be a feature rather than a bug!) and it took half an hour to produce, rather than a couple of minutes to trim…

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