This is a blog for me to post about plans, pieces of code, tips and reflections on using web-based technologies across the Wales DTC.

Who Are You?

My name is Simon Wood. I am a learning technologist, with a particular interest in practices that enable learners to develop the ability to choose and use technology effectively to help them work and learn and accomplish whatever tasks they may need to. You can find more of my stuff via my website.

What is the Wales DTC?

The Wales DTC is a consortium comprising Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff and Swansea Universities; it is one of a network of 21 ESRC Doctoral Training Centres Across the UK and we fund and support social science doctoral students. There’s further information on our website.

What’s all this web stuff?

We host our learning materials, organise events & conferences, showcase our student bloggers and more on our WordPress install – as well as running our main website! We do not have a VLE (we decided early on we didn’t need the kind of administrative functionality these are built around) but our needs go beyond a simple website. So we run a (multisite) WordPress – with a few plugins (some our own) to meet our needs.

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