Free Qualitative Software Planning Seminar

A free seminar, on choosing the right software for qualitative and mixed-methods analysis, will take place on 9th November at the University of Birmingham.

Choosing the appropriate analysis software package is an important part of planning any qualitative or mixed method research project. There are a range of options available, but it is not always easy to visualise exactly what a package offers when exploring it for the first time yourself.

The CAQDAS Networking Project website provides a range of materials that highlight important considerations in the decision-making process.This seminar builds on this information, discussing the issues to a more advanced level. The range of products are described and compared, their methodological benefits and weaknesses appraised, practical utility and illustrated using data from a range of research studies.

Topics covered include:

  • Handling ‘data’: data organisation
  • Closeness to data
  • Output/reporting
  • Coding and alternative ways of handling analysis
  • Complex interrogation of data
  • Expressing ideas in visual ways
  • Transportation of projects
  • Team work logistics.

The seminar is structured in such a way as to foster discussion and debate and participants are encouraged to come along with questions to generate discussion during the seminar about their project and its requirements.

Places are free but must be booked. For more information and to book a place see the CAQDAS event page.