Workshop on UK Survey Data for studying Attitudes

The workshop “Introduction to UK Survey Data for studying Attitudes” takes place on Thursday 6 December 2012, Basement Lab, Humanities Bridgeford Street building, University of Manchester. It is a one-day workshop that introduces the UK survey data available for re-analysis and teaching via the Economic and Social Data Service website.

The focus of the workshop will be on data related to attitudes but many of the issues covered are applicable to other areas. The day is appropriate for those with little or no experience of the data.

Participants will learn about the data available, considerations when using the data, the research potential of the data, how to register for and access data and where to go for help. There will also be hands-on computing sessions in SPSS to explore and start analysis using the British Social Attitudes Survey and the British Household Panel Survey.

The workshop is free to attend and lunch will be provided. View the programme and book a place on the event webpage.