Socio-Economic Differences in Children’s Educational Outcomes Seminar, Bath

Politicians, academics and the public generally regard education as providing the path to individual success in market economies. Yet most evidence highlights that socio-economic (dis)advantage persists across generations, regardless of an individual’s pursuit of education.

The ESRC Wales DTC recommends this seminar on Thursday 24th January, in Bath, given by leading and emerging scholars in the field. It will present cutting-edge quantitative and qualitative evidence on these dynamics, to reveal the ways in which class interacts with education to predict life chances, and how upward mobility through education is experienced by young working-class men.

The research talks are:

  • The Changing Effects of Social Origins and Cognitive Ability on Children’s Educational Attainment: A British-Swedish Comparison – John Goldthorpe, Emeritus Fellow, Nuffield College, Oxford
  • Socio-economic Gaps in University Participation – Claire Crawford, Programme Director, Skills sector, Institute for Fiscal Studies
  • Working-Class Teenage Boys’ Experiences of the Process of Mobility – Nicola Ingram, Lecturer, University of Bath

The seminar takes place on Thursday 24th January from 14.15 – 17.05 in Room 3E 2.2, at the University of Bath and is open to all academics and postgraduate students and is free to attend. Please let the organises know you are coming by booking online. A wine reception will follow the event.

This seminar is co-presented by the Centre for the Analysis of Social Policy (CASP) and Policy Sciences at Bath: Working Towards a Policy Research Institute.