Bangor ERP Summer School: Exploring the Human Mind with Brainwaves

The School of Psychology at Bangor University is celebrating its 50th Anniversary and in celebration are organising a Summer School on the investigation of the human mind with event-related potentials.

Attendees will learn how to conduct, analyse and interpret event-related potential studies in psychological domains like memory, development, mindfulness, language, and perception and cognition.Ā The emphasis will be on practical sessions and hands-on experiences with the analysis of event-related potentials like the treatment of artefacts and eye movements, filtering, segmentation, averaging, baseline correction and data measurements.

Applications for up to 40 students for the summer school. Course fee are Ā£270 including accommodation (Ā£170 with no accommodation) and some travel grants are available and will be awarded on a competitive basis to support applicants who otherwise would have financial difficulties attending.

Further information is available on the ERP Summer School website and applications can be made by completing the online formĀ (closing date for applications is 5th May).