Use of sedatives in end-of-life care: legislation and practice

The British Sociological Association Medical Sociology (Wales) will be hosting an informal seminar on Monday 10 June, 2-4pm at Swansea University on ā€˜Use of sedatives in end-of-life care: legislation and practiceā€™ and everyone is welcome to attend.

Professor Clive Seale of Brunel University will report on a comparative study on the use of sedation in end-of-life care in UK, Belgium and Netherlands. The presentation will focus on the reasoning and the practices of care providers, and how these relate to the existing legislation on assisted dying. Dr Idris Baker, Consultant in Palliative Medicine, at Ty Olwen Hospice, Swansea, will offer a clinical perspective, presenting some ethical considerations and the evolving position on the use of sedation within the palliative medicine world.

The venue for this event is Room E, Glyndwr Building, Swansea University and the contact isĀ Silvia Scalabrini (