The Judicalis Group

The Judicalis Group ( is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit, international consortium of academics and professionals founded in May of 2013 by several UK based PhD candidates in order to provide a platform for new academics to present expert views through blogging.  The blogs cover, inter alia, the topics of law, society, politics, security, international relations, diplomacy, and crime. The Judicalis Group also archives open-access publications on these topics and is working towards developing a working paper series and a strong social media presence.

The Judicalis Group currently has six ESRC scholars from Cardiff, Swansea,¬†Aberystwyth, and Oxford along with a further 14 from universities around¬†the world. They are currently looking for even more contributors who can¬†blog on their topics of interest once a fortnight. For more information on¬†joining, or to submit a one-off piece, please visit the Judicalis Group’s¬†Join Us – Contribute page¬†or contact Rajeev Gundur¬†at The Judicalis Group can be found on Twitter¬†@judicalis and on Facebook.