New Wales DTC Welsh Government Internship Scheme

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new internship scheme with the Welsh Government, open to ESRC-funded Wales DTC students. We are now inviting applications for internships in this first cycle.

Deadline: Friday 31 July 2015

We have five internships of 3 months with the Welsh Government commencing in September 2015, or on a date in Autumn 2015 to be negotiated.

The Projects

Research with stakeholders of the Intermediate Care Fund

The ICF is used to support older people to maintain their independence. This project aims to undertake research with stakeholders of the ICF, conduct primary qualitative research to gather views on the fund and to use these views to make recommendations for the future of the ICF.

Download full details of ‘research with stakeholders of the intermediate care fund’.

Children and Young People’s Wellbeing

The Welsh Government produces a Children and Young People’s Wellbeing Monitor for Wales in order to gain a better understanding of the progress towards the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The intern would be responsible for reviewing data sources and writing a report in order to contribute to this Monitor.

Download full details of ‘children and young people’s wellbeing’

Preventing Childhood Obesity

This internship is designed to provide analytical support in the development of an evaluation toolkit to be used in the understanding of the impact of local initiatives regarding childhood obesity. This would involve a review of existing evidence and conducting interviews with Local Service Board officials.

Download full details of ‘preventing childhood obesity’.

Analysis of Material Deprivation in Wales

The intern would work closely with the National Survey for Wales team in understanding the key differences between those people in material deprivation and the rest of the population. This will involve detailed statistical analysis of the National Survey data and an exploration of the differences between the National Survey results and those from other UK-wide surveys.

Download full details of ‘analysis of material deprivation in Wales’.

Placement Change for Children in Care

This project is comprised of 3 parts which aim to explore the effect of placement change for looked after children, with particular reference to educational outcomes. This will involve a review of available evidence, analysis and scoping options for new data collection.

Download full details of ‘placement change for children in care’.

The Scheme

The ESRC Wales DTC/Welsh Government Internship Scheme is governed by a Memorandum of Understanding between the two organisations. The scheme is open to ESRC funded Wales DTC students.

If successful, you will work for three months in the Welsh Government. You will not be an employee of the Welsh Government, though you must agree to undergo normal security checks required by the organisation and will be expected to work to the same standards as an employee.   You will be asked to sign a formal agreement that sets out the basic expectations of all parties associated with the arrangement.

These internships are of three months duration and must start at least three months prior to the funding end date of your ESRC DTC studentship, and cannot start in the first three months of the PhD. The period equivalent to the length of the internship is added to the end of your funded registration. You must remain registered at your University throughout the internship period. You will continue to be paid a stipend if you are in receipt of a full studentship award; for fees-only students, the extension period will only include the payment of fees.

These internships are based in Cardiff. We can¬†meet reasonable travel and accommodation costs for students not normally based in Cardiff. We¬†will interpret ‚Äėreasonable‚Äô in line with prior ESRC custom, practice and guidance.

Reporting requirements

If successful, you will be expected to provide a short written account within three months of completing the internship. You will need to compile this in accordance with headings we provide, and we may make it available on our web site and feature extracts in our newsletter.


As this is the ‚Äėpilot run‚Äô of the scheme, you may address general queries by email, up to 4pm on Tuesday 28th July 2015 to either of the following:


Download the application form.

You may apply for a maximum of two internship opportunities (two separate applications will need to be made in this case) but if offered more than one position you must decide which one to take up (a DTC student is normally only allowed to hold one internship throughout the lifetime of their ESRC award).

It is essential that you have the support and approval of your main supervisor when making an application.

Submit your completed application form to by 4pm on the day of the deadline. All submitted applications will be checked for eligibility and forwarded to the Welsh Government for consideration. You will be contacted by the Welsh Government within one month of the closing date.