Amy Jones Wins Presentation Prize

Wales DTC student Amy Jones was awarded the prize for best student presentation at the ESRC Constructing and Deconstructing Selfhood conferenceĀ last month. SheĀ gave a presentation on how identity is negotiated on the Wales Coast Path.

Ā Amy Jones walking the Wales Coast Path“Firstly the identity of the walker as a ā€˜proper walkerā€™ has been a reoccurring theme, highlighting how they differentiate themselves from others they meet along the Welsh coast” Amy explained. “Secondly the research has shown how walkers have negotiated their national identity through walking. It has been interesting to hear how walkers feel they have shown their commitment to Wales through walking, and that their ā€˜Welshnessā€™ has been proven from the blisters, sweat and tears they have experienced whilst walking the WCP; and also through the accomplishment of walking nearly 900 miles.

“I discussed how the use of the Welsh language on the WCP has been a vital tool for people to assert their identity whilst walking.Ā  As well as using the Welsh language on the WCP as a way for people to assert their identity the language (whether seen in signs or place names, or heard spoken) has reinforced a lack of identity in other walkers.”

Congratulations to Amy on being recognised for this award!