Jessie Abrahams’s Bourdieu Book Launch

Jessie Abrahams, a third year ESRC DTC student at Cardiff University has just published a book entitled Bourdieu: The Next Generation.

Jessie Abrahams Book Launch The book is co-edited by the four co-convenors of the British Sociological Associationā€™s Bourdieu study group, and is the first in a new ā€˜Sociological Futuresā€™ series published by Routledge. Several of the contributors spoke at the launch, hosted by the Education Research Group in Cardiff University’s School of Social Sciences on the 14 January 2016. It was a lively and engaging event, concluding with a wine reception.

Jessie Abrahams said: ā€˜Iā€™m proud to be part of this project, which showcases some of the richness of Bourdieusian scholarship today. Each author uses Bourdieuā€™s thinking tools to interpret and unpack features of contemporary social inequality. The book also reasserts the importance of the researcher’s relationship to the research, and each author has reflexively woven into their chapters a personal note on their own trajectories with Bourdieu – who himself had a story of social mobility to tellā€™.