Could You Be a Wales DTC Student Rep?

The Wales DTC is seeking enthusiastic students to take up the role of DTC Student Representative for each of Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff (2 Student Rep positions available) and Swansea Universities.  As a Student Representative you will be a conduit for comments/ideas from your fellow ESRC funded students across the academic schools and pathways in your institution (talking to people in coffee breaks, at events or communicating via electronic media are ideal). You will relay feedback to the DTC, both positive and negative, about the PhD student experience and help us identify training needs, areas where we could develop better information and guidance, and other potential future DTC support. It is important to us that we are able to hear your comments and proposals in order to help enhance your research training and overall PhD student experience.

What Does the Role Involve?

  • To involve other students in providing feedback, opinion and ideas
  • To establish yourself as a central point for information collation and dissemination for ESRC funded students (across all years) in your institution
  • To attend and participate in quarterly meetings (by video link) with your fellow student representatives from other institutions and DTC office staff
  • To help the DTC identify needs for advanced training provision
  • To highlight problems and suggest improvements in the DTC’s provision of support and opportunities during a student’s period of PhD training and research.
  • To convey periodically student perspectives to the Wales DTC Management Group.

You will not be asked to get involved with other students’ personal problems, academic difficulties or individual disputes.

What Are the Benefits?

Not only will your contribution to the Wales DTC improve the student experience for current and future students, and be an asset for your CV, you will also gain important professional skills.  You will:

  • Have the unique opportunity to influence decision making in the Wales DTC
  • Have the chance to meet DTC staff and student representatives from other Wales DTC institutions
  • Make a positive contribution to improving the PhD experience for you and your fellow students
  • Develop your skills and demonstrate your employability

How Long Is a Rep in Post?

The role of Student Representative is for a term of approximately 12 months.  This means that new students have the chance to get involved each year.  However, Representatives may seek to be re-nominated for a second term.

How to Apply

You should email a statement to the Wales DTC indicating your interest in the role and outlining why you think you would make a good Student Representative on behalf of fellow students at your institution (maximum 300 words).  You should ask two other ESRC funded PhD students to confirm their support for your nomination (please copy the two students into your submission so that they can respond positively by return).

The deadline for submitting expressions of interest is Friday 15 April 2016


Where there is more than one nomination received per vacancy, there will be a ballot of fellow students who will be asked to indicate a preference.

We will email all nominees to let you know the outcome.

Any Further Questions?

If you have any questions, please contact