Academy of Social Sciences Education Booklet Launch

‘Making the Case for the Social Sciences: Education’ was launched at an¬†event at Portcullis House, Westminster.¬†Wales DTP director Professor David James chaired the advisory group, and attended the launch event.

David James at Portcullis House

Professor David James, director of the ESRC Wales DTP

He said:

“I’m really happy to be involved in this. Independent educational research is a vital alement in a democracy. It’s an important source of new ideas as well as critique, and the opportunity to measure what we’re doing. Education is such an important field: it affects everyone in some way.”

Mike Kane MP, Shadow Minister for Education with responsibility for Schools, said:

“Education is fundamental¬†to overcoming inequality, improving attainment and promoting social¬†mobility. This booklet illustrates the invaluable contribution of social¬†science research in achieving these goals, both in responding to the¬†challenges of the classroom, as well as in outlining strategies for¬†equipping students both young and old with the tools they need to succeed¬†at every stage in life.”

Neil Carmichael MP, Chair of the House of Commons Education Select Committee, said:

“The stories in¬†‘Making the Case for the¬†Social Sciences 12:¬≠ Education’ demonstrate the vital importance of sound,¬†evidence-based research in policymaking. It shows the crucial role of the¬†social sciences in addressing the educational challenges this country¬†faces, as well as its continued impact in leading to improvements in¬†educational policy and practice.”

David, and others at the launch event, explain the importance of the booklet in this video: