Recordings from Induction Day 2018

Our induction event for new students took place last month, and recordings of many of the talks and presentations are now available. To watch all 11 videos, which combine slides with audio, you will need to set aside around 2Ā½ hours. They are drawn from four sessions: What is a DTP?, Adding Value to Your Studentship, Forms of Engagement and What Do People Do After a Doctorate?

What is a DTP?

After a welcome from Tom Hall, head of the School of Social Sciences at Cardiff University, Professor David James, ESRC Wales DTP Director, asked “What is a DTP?” This 45 minute talk explains how Doctoral Training Partnerships work and we relate to the funding council and our partner institutions, as well as giving an overview of some of the benefits that are available to you as DTP students.

View David James’ slides.

Adding value to your studentship

We then heard four short talks about the opportunities that are available to you as an ESRC funded student.

Two Wales DTP students talked about internships they had undertaken. The first was Amy Sanders who discusses her three month internship with WISERD.

View Amy Sander’s slides.

Then Jen Hampton described her internship with the Welsh Government.

View Jen Hampton’s slides.

The Wales DTP offer small grants for collaboration and interdisciplinary. David James gave a brief overview of these.

Finally in this session, Wales DTP student Matthiaos Melas joined via Skype to talk about his overseas institutional visit to Norway.

View Matthiaos Melas’ slides.

Forms of Engagement

After lunch we heard a series of talks on engagement practices such as blogging and podcasting. WISERD’s Dr Stuart Fox started off with a talk on blogging for beginners.

View Stuart Fox’s slides.

Wales DTP student Sara Correia gave a talk on her experience doing a podcast series.

View Sara Correia’s slides.

The Wales DTP’s elearning officer Simon Wood shared some practical advice for getting started with blogging.

View Simon Wood’s slides.

Finally Wales DTP student Jennie Bunt gave a quick overview of the Wales DTP Methods Blog which has been recently launched, is written by DTP students, and is an excellent place to get started.

View Jennie Bunt’s slides.

What do people do after a Doctorate?

In the final session, Dr Sam Saville, a former Wales DTP student who is now one of our Post-Doctoral Fellows, gave anĀ account of her PhD journey.

View Sam Saville’s presentation.

To end the day, David James gave an 8 minute talk on describing what people do after a social science PhD.

View David James’ slides.