Festival of Social Science 2022 – Festival Launch Event

Deadline: Saturday 22 October 2022 - Sunday 13 November 2022

#ESRCFestival  Saturday 22 Oct – Sunday 13 November


From October 22nd November 13th, Cardiff University will be holding its annual Festival of Social Science in partnership with the ESRC. The Festival provides an opportunity to celebrate and raise the profile of the social sciences at Cardiff by engaging with public and youth audiences. This year’s Festival theme is ‘My Local Area’, and we will be collaborating with Bangor University in our delivery.

The Festival will open with a launch event, held in the SPARK building on a date between 24th-28th October. This will be an opportunity to showcase upcoming Festival events to local community members and other interested parties within the University, media and local politics. We would like the launch to be as interactive and engaging as possible, and would therefore like to invite those with an ESRC DTP studentship to host activities at the event. If you’d like the opportunity to share your research with local public and youth audiences, then we’d love to hear from you. Activities could include: games, crafts, community mapping, quizzes, and anything else you can think of that’s engaging and innovative! If you have an idea, but are unsure of exactly how to translate it into an activity, please get in touch with esrciaa@cardiff.ac.uk, we will be happy to discuss and develop your ideas with you.

Ready to go big with your public engagement?

We also welcome applications to the Festival of Social Science from PhD students. If your idea is bigger than a launch event activity, you could consider applying to run an event throughout the rest of the festival. This year’s theme, ‘My Local Area’, celebrates any and all aspects of social science research that relates to the areas in which our institutions are based and Wales more broadly: e.g. social and economic history, dialects, political landscapes, local businesses and innovators, the future of local high streets or public services. (Note: not all events are required to link to this theme and we would therefore also welcome applications for other engaging and innovative events.)  We encourage colleagues who have current or former partnerships with other Welsh universities to co-lead sessions with those partners to make this a truly pan-Wales event. All events will be held in both Cardiff and Bangor (i.e. Cardiff events will be expected to repeat their events in Bangor; festival budgets can cover travel and subsistence). PhD students will need to apply with the support of a supervisor (or equivalent), due to the way funding is granted. For further information or to request a copy of the application form and guidance, please contact the ESRC IAA Team (esrciaa@cardiff.ac.uk).