Understanding the REF: A quick primer for postgraduate researchers

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM, Tuesday 28 July 2020

The York Law School is running a webinar that provides an overview of the REF  including:

  • what it is and why it matters to institutions and departments
  • the three main areas of outputs, impact and environment for REF 2021
  • the criteria for excellence
  • what a department’s REF submission must contain
  • what it means for individual staff in departments
  • some of the implications for recruitment to academic posts
  • how understanding the REF might inform and improve your skills and knowledge
  • how understanding the REF might assist you in careers outside academia.

It is aimed especially at postgraduate researchers and is equally relevant to Law and other Social Sciences or Arts and Humanities disciplines. The seminar will include a 25-30 mins presentation followed by a 20-25 mins Q&A. If you want to attend but are unable to watch live, please register to view the recording at a later date.

More details and register online.