Welsh Government Internship Opportunities – Application Deadline Dec 13th 2021

12:00 AM, Monday 13 December 2021

The Welsh Government have seven internships which will start in January 2022. These are open to any ESRC Wales DTP funded student (except those within 3 months of the start or end of their studentship).  It is anticipated that the internships will be conducted remotely, for a period of 3 months full-time or the part-time equivalent.  Successful applicants will get an extension of 3 months to their PhD (equivalent to the duration of the internship).

These internships will offer opportunities to create impact by contributing to the work of government, the chance to build relationships outside of academia, as well the ability to develop research skills in a policy environment.

Full project descriptions are available in the attached documents:

Scoping Project on Research on Residents’ Attitudes to Tourism

Scoping study: Education workforce research and engagement programme

Evidence Reviewing and qualitative research to identify good practice in planning and delivering user centric Early Years services

Education in Wales: Evidence synthesis and review (x2 placements available)

Assessing the Impacts of Trade agreements on Consumer Prices

Developing a Theory of Change for three interlinking support packages within the Early Years and beyond

A New Strategy for Innovation in Wales

Please submit your completed application form to enquiries@walesdtp.ac.uk by midday on the day of the deadline.