Cuogo, Irene

Start date:
September 2017
Research Topic:
Policies and Discourses of Migration in a Devolved Wales
Research Supervisor:
Doctor Catrin Wyn Edwards and Doctor Rhys Dafydd Jones
Supervising school:
Department of International Politics,
Primary funding source:

Narratives revolving around migration are enjoying a great deal of attention globally. Although devolved countries such as Wales, do not enjoy legislative powers in regards to immigration, they do have the duty to create policies which seek to facilitate successful integration, but also to communicate the nation’s ethos in regards to immigration.

The multifaceted and diverse reality that is provided by the Welsh geography, but also the ideological, political and cultural aspects of Wales, and the UK in response to and as a result of globalisation trends, will provide a unique insight into the country’s perceived attitudes and ideas of migration.