Norris, Laura

Laura Norris
Start date:
October 2014
Research Topic:
Networks as an actor in sustainable transitions: the case of Anglesey Energy Island
Research pathway:
Research Supervisor:
Prof. Gillian Bristow, Dr Richard Cowell
Supervising school:
School of Planning and Geography,
Primary funding source:
ESRC Studentship

My research will explore the impact of networks on the transition of regions and the embedding of radical innovations within them. The case study region is in Wales, where there are extensive efforts on the part of the Welsh Government and industry to develop the low carbon energy sector. In particular, Anglesey Energy Island is home to two competing energy technologies: nuclear and marine; enabling a comparative analysis of the influence of networks on transitions.

My thesis will seek to understand the relationship, if any, between network and transition theory. Whilst the role of knowledge networks in stimulating innovation has been extensively considered, what is missing in our current understanding is what role or influence these networks have in embedding new technologies. This research will provide an evaluation of the significance of networks in system transition.