We periodically offer internship opportunities which provide ESRC Wales DTP funded students with the opportunity to spend between one and six months in a non-academic organisation within the public, civil society (voluntary) or private sectors.

We advertise internship opportunities with the Welsh Government three times a year, and with other organisations from time to time.

RCUK also offers a policy internships scheme offering 3 month internships to ESRC funded students, typically advertised each summer.

Internships provide both you and the host organisations with a clear set of benefits and contribute to your skills and capacities. You are likely to develop:

  • Networks amongst policy makers and practitioners
  • Useful knowledge about organisations and how they work
  • Specific skills in report writing, communication and time management
  • You capabilities in working in a team
  • A wide range of other transferable skills

You are likely to find that completing an internship helps you to stand out when applying for jobs both within and outside academia.

Successful applicants will receive an extension to their ESRC studentship award and in some cases may be able to claim reasonable travel or accommodation expenses.

Internship Experiences

In the following 3 minute videos, Wales DTC students who have done internships describe their experiences and reflect on what they learned and how it influenced their PhDs.

David Mair talks about his internship

David Mair on his Home Office internship

Christine Pinkard talks about her internship

Christine Pinkard on her ONS internship




You can hear a 7 minute talk by Catherine Knight on her internship with the Welsh Government recorded at our induction event in 2017.

You can also read our students’ internship reports.

Internship Application Deadlines

None currently scheduled.