Student Reps

Student reps to the Wales DTP for each of Aberystwyth University, Bangor University, Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, the University of Gloucestershire and Swansea University are a vital conduit for comments/ideas from fellow ESRC funded students across the academic schools and pathways. They play a crucial rĂ´le in conveying comments and proposals in order to help enhance research training and the overall PhD student experience.

Current Student Reps

The student reps are

  • TBC (Aberystwyth University)
  • TBC (Bangor University)
  • Megan James (Cardiff Metropolitan University)
  • Shalini Ganasan (Cardiff University)
  • TBC (Cardiff University)
  • Flo Avery (Swansea University)
  • Aimee Morse (University of Gloucestershire)

The Role of the Student Rep

  • To involve other students in providing feedback, opinion and ideas
  • To act as a central point for information collation and dissemination for ESRC funded students (across all years) in the institution
  • To help the DTP identify needs for advanced training provision
  • To highlight problems and suggest improvements in the DTP’s provision of support and opportunities during a student’s period of PhD training and research.

Student reps should not be asked to become involved with other students’ personal problems, academic difficulties or individual disputes.

All the student reps attend and participate in quarterly meetings (by video link) which are scheduled ahead of management group meetings which will consider the outcomes of the student rep meetings.

The lead rep also sits on the DTP Management Group.

The role of student rep is for a 12 month term. This means that new students have the chance to get involved each year. However, reps may seek to be re-nominated for a second term.


The annual call for reps is sent out through the website, newsletter and other forms of communication. Nominees are asked to outline, briefly, why they would make a good student rep and to enlist the support of two fellow ESRC funded students for their nomination.

One student rep will be selected for each institution (two for Cardiff University). Where there are more nominations than positions, there will be a ballot of fellow students who will be asked to indicate a preference.