Research Excellence

As recognised research leaders, the seven institutions that comprise the WGSSS have a strong track record in advancing knowledge through high quality research and teaching, offering postgraduate research students the opportunity to become part of a vibrant community that thrives on exploration and discovery. Research training is provided through one of our accredited pathways.

Research centres and WGSSS

Many of the WGSSS Pathways are enhanced by the cutting edge work of established research centres. These have a track record of collaborating and pooling of research expertise to tackle the most difficult social and economic issues in Wales and beyond. They include WISERD (Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff and Swansea), the Wales Governance Centre (Cardiff), the Welsh Institute for Social and Cultural Affairs (Bangor), the Welsh Economy Research Unit (Cardiff), and the Climate Change Consortium of Wales (Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff and Swansea), DECIPHer (Cardiff, Swansea and Bristol) and the European Research Council-funded programme in Global Health Governance (Aberystwyth).