Disabled Student’s Allowance

If you have a disability which means that you incur additional expenditure in connection with your studies, you may be eligible for an extra allowance. This can cover costs relating to additional daily expenses, special equipment or non-medical help such as support workers, specialist tutors, library assistance, note takers etc. Photocopying and consumable costs should be claimed from your Research Training Support Grant.

It is important to note the following:

  • Any requests for Disabled Student‚Äôs Allowance¬†must be made and agreed in advance of any expenditure being committed for which ESRC funding is sought.
  • No awards can be made for retrospective purchase of any equipment, facilities or personal assistance in connection with your disability.
  • No expenditure can be claimed after your funding end date has passed or for support that will be provided after your funding end date.
  • Fees-only students are not eligible for a Disabled Student‚Äôs Allowance.

How to apply

  1. You should discuss additional support needs with your institution’s Disability & Dyslexia Support Service as soon as possible, to ensure that you will have access to the best and most appropriate support throughout your study.
  2. The Disability Officer arranges a needs assessment to determine what support you require. Please let the Disability Officer know that you are ESRC funded.
  3. The Disability & Dyslexia Support Service will confirm details of your Disabled Student’s Allowance and the hosting University will claim the funds back from the ESRC.

For further information about provision for students with disabilities or for specific questions in relation to Disabled Student’s Allowance claims, please contact: