Cohort Development Grants

The WGGSS has funding available for pathways to use for conferences, events or activities that support cohort building, especially those that bring together students from different geographical locations. Twice a year we welcome applications, which may be joint applications for proposals that involve multiple pathways. Up to £3,000 is available per pathway.

Application Process

Pathways conveners should use WGGSS application form to bid under this scheme. Your pathway can be involved in one bid per cycle, for any amount up to a maximum of £3,000 per pathway involved in the bid (e.g. a bid involving 3 pathways may be up to £9,000). Please outline what activities are proposed, the anticipated timescales, and how the activities will be organised. Specific detail should be provided as to how the activities connect with the pathway and its development. You should also provide costings. Please include details of any funding applied for or received from other sources. The value of any financial contribution towards costs will be taken into consideration when assessing applications.

Please note that WGSSS support, whether financial, technical, or in terms of publicity, is conditional on event organisers agreeing to follow DTP EDI Guidance for Conferences and Events (LINK to EDI guidance doc).

Completed application forms should be returned to

Application Deadline

The next deadline for applications is at noon on Monday 3rd June 2024.

Selection Process

A WGSSS assessment panel will consider Cohort Development grant applications.  The funds should be used within 12 months.  All expenditure must be auditable and a breakdown of the costs incurred supported by copies of invoices will be required at the end of the activity.   Reimbursement will be made following receipt and processing of expenses paperwork.  The WGSSS will issue a questionnaire following activity completion to ascertain information that will be required for ESRC annual reporting purposes.

Application outcomes will be announced at the end of June 2024.