The College of Policing

The College of Policing is the professional body for the police with the aim of using knowledge of ‘what works’Ā to support evidence-based policing. It has recently announced a partnership with the ESRC to work with a consortium of universities on a ‘What Works Centre’ for crime reduction. The College is also running an ‘Evidence Base Camp’ to which it is keen to invite social science students.

The formation of the body was announced by the Home Secretary in December 2011. Representatives fromĀ the Police Federation, the Superintendents’ Association, ACPO and UNISONĀ worked with the Home Office to create the College. Among its aims are identifying, developing and promoting good practice based on evidence.Ā The college is working with universities to share and develop the underlying evidence base for policing practice.

The ā€˜Evidence Base Campā€™ event at Bramshill is a special free event to mark the Collegeā€™s first year where participants will be able to try out the techniques needed to review and map research evidence on a topic of current policing interest. It takes place over 5 days: 17-18 October 2013, 12th November 2013 and 17-18 February 2014; attendance on all dates is required and accommodation and meals will be provided. Ā A flyer and booking form can be downloaded from the Police Federation website and further information can be obtained by emailingĀ nicky.miller@college.pnn.police.ukĀ orĀĀ  Booking forms must be received by 30th September.

In August, a consortium of eight universities (UCL, IoE, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Birkbeck, Cardiff, Dundee, Surrey and Southampton)Ā were announced as the successful bidder for the ESRC grant, in partnership with the College of Policing, to support the programme for the What Works Centre for Crime Reduction.