What would you say if you only had three minutes?

Eighteen postgraduate research students from across Swansea University, on Wednesday 19 February, competed in a ‘3MT’ (‘three-minute thesis’) event, which entails doing just this. Each had 180 seconds and one slide to convey the essence of their Doctoral research to a mixed audience/

Swansea 3MT Prizewinner Bridget Kerr

Professor David James with the winner, Bridget Kerr

First prize went to Bridget Kerr, a DTC-funded Criminology student with a presentation entitled What it Takes: Introducing the Correctional Program Assessment Inventory to UK criminal justice interventions. Angharad Parr, another DTC-funded student also made it into the top three with her presentation The exploration of mutual caring relationships. 

DTC Director David James, who was one of the independent judges for the event, said ‘I had a throughly enjoyable morning and learnt a great deal. ¬†This was good fun whilst also addressing the serious business of developing the capacity to explain complex research to a wide range of audiences. It bears witness to one aspect of the excellent provision for PGRs at Swansea. The topics themselves ranged from climate change and the sex of turtles, to the degradation of paint, to the narration of experiences and reactions to political repression in Argentina. The presentations were all of a very high standard, though I am of course especially pleased that two of the top three winners were ESRC DTC students’.