Anna Scedrova’s Study China Programme visit to Shangahi

Wales DTC student Anna Scedrova (Cardiff Business School) was offered a place on the Study China Programme, following an ESRC-funded overseas institutional visit to the USA. This prestigious programme is managed by the University of Manchester and funded by the Government Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.

Anna Scedrova Study China Programme visitAnna explained the opportunity caught her attention because “I am interested in learning languages and experiencing different academic and cultural environments”. The curriculum of classes, workshops and organised events offered a distinct opportunity to interact with Chinese academics, students, businesses and local community. Along with language classes, the programme also included a series of lectures regarding doing business in China, and employment and scholarship opportunities, supported by networking events and key speakers.

So in August Anna spent 3 weeks at the host institution, East China Normal University, Shangahi. “Participation in such a versatile programme allowed me to experience education and life in China from different angles which completely changed my perception of the country. The programme was very intense, with 3 hours of Chinese Mandarin classes every morning and then afternoon lectures on various aspects of life, culture and business environment in China, as well as workshops on calligraphy, traditional music and Kung Fu….personally, I particularly benefitted from the aspects of the programme related to understanding the business environment in China as this is the field of my work and research. As a result of my participation in the programme, in the future I would be willing to embark on opportunities connected with China as it is a fascinating and dynamic country offering a lot of scope for academic research and business activities”.