Postdoctoral Fellow : Dr Shaun Williams

Dr Shaun Williams, Human Geography, Aberystwyth University 

Title: Datafication of cycling 

During my doctoral research, I studied how ‘datafication’ processes, such as the collection, processing, and sharing of ‘big data’ generated by smart devices, influence the delivery of cycling policy plans.  

Working as a post-doctoral fellow, I am next seeking to publish doctoral research findings within leading international and peer-reviewed journals. Furthermore, I will also be looking to contribute to major research conferences, including the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Annual International Conference. This work contributes to emerging research debates, including Behrendt and Sheller’s (2023) mobility data justice, and speaks directly to active travel policy experts and practitioners.  

Alongside this fellowship, I also work for an active transportation charity in Wales. Other memberships include the Transport and Health Integrated research Network (THINK) Network, and the Centre for Transport and Mobility (CeTraM), Aberystwyth University.