Bowen, Neil Evan

Neil Bowen
Start date:
October 2013
Research Topic:
The development of academic writing in the digital age
Research pathway:
Research Supervisor:
Lise Fontaine, Gerard O'Grady
Supervising school:
School of English, Communication & Philosophy,
Primary funding source:
ESRC Studentship

My thesis explores the dynamics of choice in digital text construction. Specifically, it focuses on the development of academic writing from a social semiotic viewpoint, drawing on Systemic Functional Linguistics (e.g. Halliday), semiotic sociology (e.g. Bernstein), and sociogenetic psychology (e.g. Vygotsky). Its primary aims are: (i) To contribute to the dearth of longitudinal studies that provide an emic understanding of the development of academic writing practices, particular with regard to L2 writers; (ii) To illustrate how the logogenesis of texture can reveal the ontogenetic development and potential of the individual with regard to context and co-text; (iii) Demonstrate how a more holistic approach to the study of writing development can be beneficial to advancing theory, educational practice, and interdisciplinary knowledge.