Day, Rebecca

Day, Rebecca
Start date:
October 2019
Research Topic:
Language Development of Bilinguals with Rett Syndrome
Research pathway:
Research Supervisor:
Eirini Sanoudaki, Kami Koldewyn
Supervising school:
School of Linguistics & English Language,
Primary funding source:
ESRC Studentship

Currently, there are no published studies measuring the effect of bilingualism on language development in individuals with Rett syndrome. This study aims to be the first to ascertain not only whether it is possible for an individual with Rett syndrome to be bilingual, but also what affect bilingualism might have on language development in this population.

Previous studies conducted into bilingualism in a range of developmental disorders have not found evidence of any negative effect of bilingualism on language development. Furthermore, a growing body of literature focusing on the positive effects of bilingualism for socio-economic benefits, such as relationships with a person’s community, indicates that linguistics skills are not the only factor that should be considered when exploring the effects of bilingualism in individuals with developmental conditions.