Hadaway-Morgan, Kemba

Picture of Kemba Hadaway-Morgan
Research Topic:
A qualitative study into the care and support experiences of individuals from African Caribbean backgrounds with a diagnosis of dementia, living in Wales, United Kingdom
Research pathway:
Research Supervisor:
Dr Tom Slater and Dr Daniel Burrows
Supervising school:
; School of Social Sciences,
Primary funding source:
ESRC Studentship

This study will focus specifically on persons with dementia, living in Wales, who identify as African Caribbean, (ACP). The study aims to gain an in-depth understanding of the care and support experiences of ACP, living in Wales, with dementia, in order to inform the development of culturally appropriate dementia care. The study seeks to explain, explore and understand from the perspective of ACP with dementia and those who provide care for them. (Carers, voluntary agencies and statutory bodies). The study will seek to elicit the challenges and opportunities for helping social care providers in providing culturally appropriate support and will locate this within the context of centralised dementia care and devolved governance.


The proposed study is important, as it seeks to explore dementia care experiences and dementia care needs from an ACP context, build research interest and raise awareness of the impact of dementia on ACP populations in Wales.

The study is vital for policy makers as it would inform the development of a dementia care pathway and policy framework for culturally appropriate dementia care and support services.

The findings of this study can be used to promote the development of a strategy to help other minority groups access suitable dementia care services.

The research hopes to stimulate interdisciplinary research in dementia within the ACP context whilst encouraging ACP with dementia to participate in research. Findings of this research would be shared at workshops, conferences, ACP with dementia forums and available for reviewing at open access publications.