Internships with the Wales Centre for Public Policy (WCPP) 

Deadline: Friday 7 July 2023

The WCPP Internship Scheme provides opportunities for ESRC Wales DTP funded students to spend three months in the Centre to apply and develop their research skills and techniques to real-world issues with high topicality. These internships provide an opportunity to gain practical experience of undertaking research in an organisation that works at the interface of research and policymaking.

There are two types of internships available:

  1. An internship which supports WCPP work with Welsh Government and/or public services.
  2. An internship which examines the role of evidence in policymaking.

Alternatively, students may propose a topic of their own choice, applying their PhD interests and expertise to a policy area within which WCPP has conducted work.

The anticipated internship start date is September 2023.

Further details are available in the attached document, including contact details for the supervisor of each internship.

Please note these internships are open to any ESRC Wales DTP funded student except those within 3 months of the start or end of their studentship.  Successful applicants will receive a fully funded 3 month extension to their PhD. If you are interested, you should first discuss the opportunity with your supervisor.

Please submit your letter of application along with your CV to by noon on the day of the deadline.