Clifford, Genevieve

Clifford, Genevieve
Start date:
October 2022
Research Topic:
Towards an understanding of transgender digital poverty in Wales
Research pathway:
Research Supervisor:
Professor Simon Robinson. Dr Charlotte Jones and Professor Tom Crick
Supervising school:
Department of Computer Science,
Primary funding source:
WGSSS Funded Studentship

My project focuses on working towards an understanding of factors affecting, current mitigations, and future developments in supporting trans people at risk or in digital poverty in Wales. I build upon initial findings from my master’s dissertation (Clifford 2023) where I worked with Trans Tech Tent, a community organisation focused on tech repair and digital pedagogy based in Cardiff, but with a wider reach online. Following semi-structured interviews with service users and practitioners (n = 5) and subsequent reflexive thematic analysis (Braun and Clarke 2022), I believe a large factor affecting access to technology for trans people is financial inequality, often referred to as digital poverty in wider literature (see e.g., Yates et al. 2023; Lucas et al. 2021; Anoush and Tyler 2019). I wish to further research digital poverty in this context.
In my first year, I am building an advisory network of community organisations that support trans people across Wales to establish current gaps in knowledge in this area, and identify research priorities. As well as a scoping literature review, I am also going to undertake a critical review of relevant devolved and national policy to understand what support is available for community organisations, and what the current strategy is for the Senedd / Westminster.
On factors, I will be using a mixed methods approach to understand how trans people in or at risk of digital poverty have been impacted by digital poverty, and what support or policy implications this may produce. I will use a similar qualitative methodology for my master’s project for undertaking scoping work to build a larger scale quantitative instrument to add statistical power to my findings (exact methodology TBC).

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