Clifford, Genevieve

Clifford, Genevieve
Start date:
October 2022
Research Topic:
Community technology and capability for digital literacy
Research pathway:
Research Supervisor:
Professor Simon Robinson and Professor Tom Crick
Supervising school:
Department of Computer Science,
Primary funding source:
ESRC Wales DTP Studentship

Our lives and livelihoods are ever increasingly being moved online; we meet people virtually, access music and movies through the internet, and transact with organisations electronically. The move to increasing digitisation has left some behind, my interest is understanding why this has happened, and how we can bridge digital divides in Wales through community initiatives.

I am drawn to a community technology-based approach, it allows for widening access to technology as well as an organisational structure which brings together passionate individuals in communities, as well as community groups that can contribute time, space, and resources; I’d like to investigate to what extent this approach can be used to further capabilities for digital literacy. I will use action research throughout my PhD to collaboratively understand capabilities and to co-design a digital infrastructure project with the intention of increasing capability for digital literacy within the community.