Education, Skill and Empowering the Individual in the Labour Market Lecture, Cardiff

One persistent orthodoxy in debates about skills, poverty, low paid work and social mobility has been a belief that through offering poorly qualified adults access to particular types of state-funded education and training, they can be enabled to better their lot, progress in the labour market, and bargain successfully with employers for better wages and more interesting work. This belief found its purest form in New Labour’s Train to Gain (T2G) programme in England.

The ESRC Wales DTC recommends this lecture, delivered by Professor Ewart Keep of the Cardiff School of Social Sciences on Thursday 17th January, which explores both the theoretical underpinnings of the belief (how might a modest increase in levels of certified human capital alter an individual’s bargaining power within the labour market and employment relationship), and the empirical evidence for the success or otherwise of policy interventions such as Train to Gain.

The lecture will be given in Committee Rooms 1&2, Glamorgan Building, Cardiff University on Thursday 17th January. The lecture, at 6pm, will be preceded by drinks at 5.30pm.

You can find further information on the Cardiff School of Social Sciences website, or book online at eventbrite.